Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an ancient and respected healing practice deeply rooted in the principles of balancing the body's energy and promoting harmony within. At Beijing 101, we embrace and apply the age-old wisdom of TCM to unlock the secrets behind achieving beautiful, healthy hair and scalp.

Our TCM Herbs

Discover the enriching world of our carefully selected premium TCM herbs, dedicated to nourishing and revitalising your hair and scalp. Each herb represents centuries of wisdom, offering natural solutions to your concerns. From Ginseng to He Shou Wu, our botanical treasures are blended with precision to provide you with the finest ancient herbal remedies, promoting vitality and well-being for your hair and scalp.

Our Signature Meridian Massage

Experience our Beijing 101 Signature Meridian Massage, firmly rooted in TCM. Meridian Massage, akin to acupuncture but without the use of needles, harnesses the power of precise energy point therapy along meridian pathways to harmonise the body's energy flow. It promotes relaxation, alleviates stress, enhances sleep quality, boosts memory, and rejuvenates hair and scalp health. Our skilled therapists specialise in optimising blood circulation for your hair and scalp, guiding you towards a renewed and invigorated sense of overall well-being.

Meet our TCM Physicians

Our team of experienced TCM physicians forms the cornerstone of Beijing 101, bringing their expertise and healing touch to the forefront of our approach. They carefully craft personalised treatments, utilising their knowledge to address your unique needs. Trust in their skill and dedication as they apply their TCM expertise to help you achieve healthier scalp and more beautiful hair.

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