Embrace the future of hair and scalp care with our expert specialists trained in the latest techniques. Our solutions guarantee a transformative experience for your hair and scalp, providing enhanced care for exceptional vitality.

Combining TCM with Modern Hair and Scalp Therapy

Advanced Science

Advanced Science takes centre stage at Beijing 101. Our approach integrates precise techniques to elevate hair thickness and density, delivering effective and premium treatments for healthier hair and scalp.

Advanced Light Technology

Elevate your hair with Beijing 101's Advanced Light Hair Treatment, a revolutionary solution that prevents hair fall and stimulates regrowth. The treatment includes precise irradiation; improving blood circulation, and enhancing oxygen and nutrient supply to each hair follicle.

Advanced Light Technology for hair treatment
Thermal Frequency Technology for hair treatment

Thermal Frequency Technology

Thermal Frequency Technology utilises a range of temperatures to achieve therapeutic effects in order to restart a new hair growth cycle. There are three stages: Bio-Stimulation for natural healing, Vascularization for improved blood circulation, and Hyperactivation to stimulate hair follicle stemcells.

Transdermal Delivery Airjet Technology

Transdermal Delivery Airjet Technology introduces a revolutionary solution for maintaining robust hair growth. By expertly addressing moisture loss and genetic hair loss processes, it not only hydrates, repairs, and regenerates your hair but also elevates your overall hair care experience.

Transdermal Delivery Airjet Technology for hair treatment
Hydrogen Vacuum Technology for hair treatment

Hydrogen Vacuum Technology

Experience the benefits of our Hydrogen Vacuum Technology, an innovative solution that deeply cleanses the scalp and enhances nutrient absorption. Revel in scalp build-up removal, anti-inflammation, and hair loss prevention for stronger, healthier hair.

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