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Chinese Hawthorn Black Sugar Tea
  1. Chinese Hawthorn (6 pieces)
  2. Brown Sugar (Adequate)
Preparation: Bring all to boil. Function: Chinese Hawthorn contains vitamin C, which is beneficial for hair growth. Furthermore, it helps to promote blood circulation. This is ideal for those suffering from hair loss problems due to poor blood circulation. (Avoid drinking during menstruation period or on an empty stomach).
Astragalus Root (Huang Qi) with Wolfberry (Gou Qi) Tea
  1. Wolfberry (moderate)
  2. Astragalus Root (modertae)
  3. Longan flesh (moderate)
  4. Red Dates (moderate)
Preparation: Remove seed from the red dates. After that, bring all ingredients together to boil. Benefits: Enhances vigor and vitality through improvements made in blood circulation. This strengthens the health of the scalp and hair. Longan also has the ability to calm nerves while red dates can improve the kidney and spleen.
Nourishing Osmanthus Tea
  1. Osmanthus (2g)
  2. Honey (15ml)
  3. Dried Tangerine Peel (Adequate)
  4. Lemon Slices (2 Slices)
Preparation: Place Osmanthus and Dried Tangerine Peel in a cup. Then, pour 500ml of boiling water into the cup. After four minutes, add in honey for extra flavor. Lastly, add in lemon slices before serving. Benefits: Osmanthus soothes the nervous system. Frequent consumption of Osmanthus helps to calm our nerve and soothes our emotion. It is especially beneficial to quality sleep and calm emotions. A good sleep and pleasant emotion is beneficial for healthy hair growth.
Healthy Mulberry Tea
  1. Mulberry Leave (10 pieces)
  2. Water (1200cc)
Preparation: Rinse mulberry leaves to clean. Then, boil the mulberry leaves in water. After 10 minutes, lower the flame. Next, take the mulberry leaves out from the pot. Leave the drink to cool before serving. Benefit: Mulberry leaves improve eyesight and cleanses the liver. Mulberry leaves also promotes healthy black hair growth.
The Right Way To Wash Your Hair
There are countless sweat glands and sebaceous glands on the scalp, and they often secrete sweat and grease and covered by your hair. It is also difficult for heat to dissipate, secretion will merge easily with dust and dandruff, thus will cause the growth of bacteria , damaging hair follicles and hair quality. The long-term exposure of hair to air, will result in bacteria within the air to come into contact with secretions from the sebaceous glands of the head, creating dandruff and dirt in the process. Therefore, you have to comb and wash your hair regularly, for it to stay healthy, shiny and elastic (people with oily scalp should wash their hair every day and those with very little oil generated on their scalp are to wash their hair 2 to 3 times a week at least). It is most appropriate to wash your hair with lukewarm water. If the water temperature is too low, it would be difficult to remove grease; if the temperature is too high, it will also damage your scalp, worsening the dandruff problem. Most people with hair loss who use either hot water or cold water to wash their hair, it is a kind negative stimulus for both hair and scalp, worsening the problem of hair loss. After washing the hair, it is best to let it dry naturally.
Regular Scalp Massage
Most people who are wearing hats, helmets, and headband, etc... over a long period of time should adjust the timing of usage and regularly go for scalp massage. When the scalp is being trapped in an environment that is not well ventilated, heat and sweat are unable to escape, and the scalp will thus be susceptible to bacteria and cause hair loss. It is usually best not to wear a hat, on one side is to avoid spoiling the hair due to stuffy conditions, the other side is to prevent the scalp from being oppressed by the brim of the hat, causing hair loss. People with hair loss problem should not wear a hat over a long period of time, in order to avoid exceedingly tight fitting of the cap which will hinder blood circulation of the scalp and result in severe hair loss.
Lead A Healthy Lifestyle
Avoid emotional stress, staying up till late hours Emotional stress, staying up late and constipation can lead to endocrine disorders, affecting the health of hair follicles and scalp oil secretion. Although pressure is not the direct cause of hair loss or hair greying, but its the inducing factor. With accumulated stress, it will lead to a physical condition and environment that will cause hair loss.
To have a Daily Well-Balanced Diet
The main component of hair is "Protein" which contains a lot of sulfur, and there are a lot of this component present in many animal and plant protein, including fish, eggs, soy or soy products, milk and dairy products, etc. In the daily diet, one must have a balanced intake of animal and plant protein. Vitamins A and E will also promote blood circulation and prevent hair loss. Vitamin B complex can promote the scalp's metabolism. As for tobacco and alcohol, they should be avoided, as the nicotine in cigarettes will cause the blood vessels to constrict, causing blood circulation disorder and resulting in poor blood circulation of the scalp, accelerating hair thinning or hair loss.
Correct method to blow your hair
First, you should towel-dry any excess water from your hair to prevent hair damage. It is advisable to keep the dryer at a distance of 20cm from the hair while switching between hot & cold air. This can prevent any hair damage caused by heat.
How to brush your hair correctly?
Avoid using a comb with plastic bristles as it can cause hair breakage from static electricity. The ideal way of brushing your hair is by first brushing the ends to remove tangles. Then, take long stokes from the roots of the hair to the ends. This technique will help to spread out the natural hair oil and thus prevent any breakage. By reducing the breakage, you will also be able to reduce your hair loss.