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No more greying hair with Beijing 101 Hair Care. Lim Xue Ying, Age 54 (Greying Hair)
My hair has always been dry and I was also plagued by greying and white hair. I tried a lot of different shampoos and tonics, but it was all in vain. Depressed and dejected, I approached BEIJING 101 for help.

No more thinning hair with Beijing 101 Hair Care. Yong Lan Xiu, Age 21, Student (Thinning hair)
I had resigned myself to the fate of severely thinning hair. So when I sought the help of BEIJING 101, I did not have high expectations. However, with persistence and patience, I found gradual improvement in my hair growth.

No more hair loss with Beijing 101 Hair Care. Elson Soo Wai Cheong, Age 25, Teacher (Hair Loss)
I crave the limelight and that's why I also work part-time as a hair model. Due to frequent changes in hair style, I damaged my hair and scalp to the extent that the hair growing on the crown of my head became severely thin.

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