Testimonials & Reviews.

Marvin Ching, Age 25. Sales Executive

M-Shape Pattern Hair Loss

When Marvin first came to Singapore, he had to work part-time while studying. This resulted in him staying up late to do his revision after work. Eventually, the stress, long hours and fatigue got to him, causing him to suffer from hair loss.

Jimmy, Age 32. Engineer

(Hair Thinning and Oily Scalp)

Jimmy is an engineer who owns a head of thick and black hair.Unsuspectingly, he was a sufferer of hair problems four to five years ago. Jimmy shares, “I never took it to heart when my friends used to remind me, until my hairdresser also feedback that I seemed to have signs of hair loss.”

Grace Tan, Age 51. Human Resource Associate

(Grey Hair and Oily Scalp)

49-year-old Human Resource Executive was troubled with hereditary white hair problems for many years. Grace shares, “I faced white hair problems in my early twenties, until a few years ago, when I finally realized that I should get professional help.”

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