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Charity With Beijing 101 Hair Care

Beijing 101 gives back to society through Care & Share

23rd January 2015 was a meaningful day for employees of renowned hair treatment centre, Beijing 101 Hair Consultants, and several overseas and local celebrities as they visited the elderly and needy in Commonwealth Close Residents' Corner. This charity drive, named Care & Share, was initiated by Beijing 101 as part of its CSR (corporate social responsibility) program to give back to the society. The celebrities include Taiwanese Sing Hom who rose to fame from the movie "Café. Waiting. Love", and local artistes Huixin, Li Qin Yu, Han Xing, Terry Wong and Lin Si Tong from Popstar Media.

This charity event was supported by Commonwealth Residents Committee, Popstar Media and WuGuFeng. On top of distributing food hampers and daily necessities, the more noteworthy objective of this event was to interact with this group of elderly and needy and bring love, care, concern, and laughter to them. The celebrities also took the opportunity to wish them good health in the coming Chinese New Year.

Celebrities or not, they spare no effort for charity

As some elderly are unable to move around conveniently, the Commonwealth RC arranged for the volunteers and celebrities to distribute the gifts and visit them at their homes. One particularly touching moment was when the volunteers and celebrities visited an elderly lady who had slipped and fell at home, and had to stay in the hospital for several weeks. She was just discharged from the hospital a few days earlier, and was very grateful to receive the volunteers and celebrities at her door; thanking them profusely.

Aged people, as we know, have had a lot of life experiences. Nonetheless, the passing of loved ones, or, the separation from family, for whatever reasons, leave the elderly with much sadness and loneliness. Often, they long for someone to care for them, someone to talk them, someone to love them, and someone to remember them.

Towards the elderly, we ought to be appreciative and shower them with tender loving care. Be kind to the elderly and take good care of your parents; not because we will also be old someday, but simply because we are human. It is a blessing to be able to give than to receive. As we give, we are also reminded to cherish what we have.

Other than the elderly, the volunteers and celebrities had also benefited much from this meaningful event. In that few hours, they witnessed how their little efforts brought smiles and joy to the elderly. Indeed, philanthropy is the basis of happiness. Share some love and care today.
Beijing 101 volunteers with food hampers and daily necessities. Food hampers for the needy elderly residents at Commonwealth Close. A fulfilling charity experience for Beijing 101 volunteers. More care for the society with Beijing 101 Hair Care.

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